Since we started the company in 1971, we have completed more than 4,500 mechanical development projects. Today we offer services in software development, electronics design, industrial design and regulatory and technical documentation. Over the years, we have accumulated knowledge and created our own unique tools, methods and processes, which have made us experts in what we do. We constantlylook ahead and find exciting challenges where others may see problems.



Engineers are a curious lot. We want to know how parts fit together, interact with each other and why they work the way they do. If a part is missing, we create it – or develop something completely new. It is an important building block in the way we work, live and exist.

Thanks to this drive, we also have a unique opportunity to change our world for the better. Maybe that’s why we at Svekon are driven by visions and ideas that do just that.

Maybe that’s why, after more than 50 years in business, we’re still looking for imaginative people with visions and dreams, regardless of background.
But let’s be honest; time and experience have made us more humble. We have
learned that the best solution is usually found by working together, and that trials precede most breakthroughs.

With that in mind, we like to involve our customers in every project, from idea to finished product. From thought to reality.

Together, we are constantly motivated and ready to make our contribution to the new, innovative and revolutionary.



Today we are over 40 engineers with up to 50 years of experience, all of whom have high general skills with different specializations. Our employees can quickly familiarize themselves with new assignments and their customers’ routines and always offer a high level of personal commitment.

With our expertise and capabilities, we help you make your dream a reality. We take projects all the way from pre-study, test and prototype to finished product. We keep our promises and don’t promise more than we can deliver.



We run projects and assignments together, both at our customers’ sites and on our own facilities. In this way, we can benefit from each other, which we believe makes the whole better.

We also have the privilege of having both office and workshop in the same
building. It is a strength for us that our designers have a prototype workshop where ideas and concepts can be easily tested. This helps us verify and validate that our solutions work according to the requirements specification and the customer’s needs.


Svensk Konstruktionstjänst AB was founded in 1971 by Stig Kervefors and Stig
Broms. They met at Sikob, a company where they worked together with Stig’s
younger brother Åke Kervefors. Stig Kervefors was, among other things, involved in rebuilding and completely modernising the rope-operated excavator of the time with the help of hydraulics.

In 1971 Stig and Stig started their own business, and 22 years later, their younger brother Åke Kervefors took over the company. In 2004, Johan Lantz was hired as the company’s CEO, while Åke Kervefors continued to work in the company as CFO.