Welcome to Svensk Konstruktionstjänst AB – Sweden’s best engineering company!

Since 1971, we have been an engineering company with a focus on mechanics. After working on around 3,000 development projects, we have gained expertise and created our own unique tools, methods, and processes. We know mechanical engineering, and we are one of the leading companies in development, construction and design within the field of mechanics.

Extensive expertise with personal commitment

Today, we are about 30 engineers with up to 40 years of experience each in the mechanics area. All have a very high general skill with different specializations. All have extensive experience of the consultant’s role, and can quickly familiarize themselves with new missions and their clients’ routines. With extensive experience and a solid network of contacts, we can offer unrivalled expertise in various industries.

We run projects and missions both at customers and in our own premises in Täby. Svensk Konstruktionstjänst has the expertise and capacity to take a product idea all the way from feasibility, testing and prototype to completed product. The business concept has since been to be a medium sized company to be marked by experience, expertise and responsiveness. A company that delivers what is promised and do not promise more than it can hold.

Prototype Workshop Inhouse

We are privileged to have office and workshop in the same house. It is a strength for us that our engineers have a workshop for prototypes where ideas and concepts can be easily tested. We also test assemblies, which makes it easier to design products. We build and develop many machines in our own premises. Therefore we easily can verify and validate that everything is functioning according to specifications and customer needs.

We can produce unique machines, for example for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We can try out the features and test the endurance of our designs and products. We also create models and prototypes during the project which makes it easier for our customers to get an overview of their designs.

In our prototype workshop we have access to: 3D printer, lathe, milling machine, drill, cutter, cap, bock, roll forming, slip, weld, paint spray booth, large mounting surfaces, place to take vehicles for modifications and much more!


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