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Svensk Konstruktionstjänst AB were established in 1971 by Stig Kervefors and Stig Broms. They had met at Sikob, a company where they worked together with Stig’s younger brother, Åke Kervefors. Stig Kervefors was involved in building and completely modernising the rope-operated excavators of the time with the help of hydraulics. During 1971, Stig Kervefors and Stig Broms took the step of starting their own business, and in 1992, Åke Kervefors took over the company. In 2004, Johan Lantz was brought on board as the company’s CEO, while Åke Kervefors has stayed on as CFO.


automat bankomat
stig bröderna
  • 1971 Svensk Konstruktionstjänst AB are founded.
  • Early 70’s, Svensk Konstruktionstjänst participate in producing the first cash machines.
  • 1972 Stig Broms builds the first kilometer counter for diesel vehicles.
  • 1972-74 Svensk Konstruktionstjänst participate in producing registration plates for all Swedish motor vehicles. Stig Kervefors is the project manager. Read more about the machine that produced the registration plates.
  • Printing Equipment, later Solna Offset, place a large order for the construction of a balloon former.
  • Stig Broms constructs a straightening bench for garages in order to repair larger collision damage on cars. It is still used in garages around the country.

1980's: New facilities in Täby

Täby vägen
  • Solna Offset return with a new order for a balloon former. Åke Kervefors is the project manager, and the result is an automated balloon former that can fold a newspaper and insert attachments into the newspapers as they go through the printing press.
  • The company purchases new facilities in Täby, and one of the construction consultants there presents an idea for a beverage machine. Read more about Drinx, the beverage machine.
  • FMV, the Swedish National Defence Materiel Administration, become a client.
  • 1986, the company moves into the new facilities at Täbyvägen 77, in Täby, outside of Stockholm.

1990's: Åke Kervefors takes over the company

Åke Kontakt
  • 1992, Åke Kervefors takes over the company.
  • Larger order for the delivery of materiel to Bornia.
  • 1996, AGA become a large client.
  • Several large projects within medical technology.

2000's: Johan Lantz is brought on as the company’s CEO

Lant Kontakt
  • Collaboration with Patria begins.
  • 2004, Johan Lantz is brought on as the company’s CEO.
  • 2007, the company expands with 10 new employees.
  • The company is reorganised with a flat organisational structure.

2010's: Over 3000 projects completed

fmw ceremoni
kontor Solna
  • 2012, Svekon produce a large automation machine for the med-tech sector.
  • 2014, a general agreement is signed with the Swedish National Defence Materiel Administration.
  • We have completed over 3000 projects and have 30 employees.

2020's: Svekon opens an office in Borlänge

svekon personal
kontor Borlänge
  • 2020, Svekon opens an office in Borlänge with 6 new employees at the start.