Welcome Oliver and Philip!

SVEKON continues to strengthen its competence in Defence and Security. The latest additions are Oliver Sifversson and Philip Höglund. Oliver’s most recent experience is from the Swedish [...]

Welcome Anna!

  Now in October we welcome another talent to SVEKON, welcome Anna Kihlström! Annas latest employment was at Tobii where she worked as a New Product Integration Manager (NPI). The work [...]

Welcome Johan!

  SVEKON continues to strengthen its expertise within Defense and Security. The latest addition is Johan Westberg. Johan Westberg was previously self-employed. Johan has extensive experience [...]

Welcome Jessica!

  Jessica Mesilane has just completed her master thesis here at SVEKON and we are very pleased that she chose to stay with us as a graduated mechanical engineer! Jessica studied at Linköping [...]

Welcome Joel!

  Joel Olofsson last employer was the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. There he worked as an ILS engineer in the Helicopter 14 project. He will have the role as a project manager and [...]

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