Svensk Konstruktionstjänst deliver complete, ready-to-use machines and automation equipment

In the engineering industry, there is often a need to automate production in order to be competitive. There may be advantages to some parts of the production process being unmanned or having reduced staffing on nights and weekends. In many cases, the proportion of repetitive and heavy tasks needs to be reduced. We tailor automation to the customer’s specific needs and assist in writing precise specifications and verifying the requirements through FAT and SAT.

We leverage our extensive mechanical expertise in all our undertakings. Our work encompasses everything from feasibility and design to commissioning and documentation. From start to finish. Our work begins from approved and established specifications. The requirement specifications are established or created in close collaboration with the customer.

Our past and current clients include many international as well as Swedish companies. We place a high value on good communication with our clients and through the years it has contributed to a very good understanding of the requirements of the industry.

Ready-to-use automation machines

Svensk Konstruktionstjänst can deliver ready-to-use automation machines. After the requirement specifications have been prepared by you, or together with us, we take care of all the steps including manufacturing, assembly, programming, validation (FAT and SAT), CE marking and complete documentation. If you wish, we can also provide training for your operators and service staff.

The industrial companies we work with include GE Healthcare, CNC Factory and Trapper Data.

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