We leverage our extensive mechanical expertise in all of our undertakings. Our work encompasses everything from feasibility and design to manufacturing and documentation. From start to finish. Our work begins from approved and established specifications. The requirement specifications are established or created in close collaboration with the customer.

Our automation projects are based around three important milestones – Design Review, FAT and SAT. The design review is carried out/takes place before the actual commencement of production to ensure that we are on the right track. During FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), we test-run the machine under production-like conditions at Svensk Konstruktionstjänst’s premises. When the FAT is approved, the machine is sent to the customer. There is then a so-called SAT (Site Acceptance Test), in which the machine is tested in the actual environment. When the SAT is approved, the machine is ready for use. All three milestones are checked against the specifications laid down before the project began.

Automation within the process industry

Processing industry

Turnkey automation machines for the process industry

Automation within the Engineering Indystry

Manufacturing industry

We tailor the automation to the customer's specific needs

Automation within Life science

Life Science

Long experience in the development of automation machines in Life Science

Svensk Konstruktionstjänst has delivered numerous automation equipment to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. A typical project might involve developing a machine to manufacture a product in a certain number per minute or per day. We develop a concept and a layout that fits the customer’s premises and produces detailed solutions for production to take place. An automation project extends beyond the mechanics and can also include control and regulation technology and programming. This demands many different competencies and skills to obtain a machine where all the parts work together.

The machinery Svensk Konstruktionstjänst produces are all CE marked and carefully documented. We deliver a complete documentation and performs machine specific user education and training.

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