Svensk Konstruktionstjänst has been working with technical assistance and supply projects in Defence and Security for over 30 years. We have extensive experience of the specific requirements that apply regarding products and suppliers.

In the Defence and Security, Svensk Konstruktionstjänst primarily has worked with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) Defence Forces (FM), the police and the SRSA. During 30 years we have built up an extensive knowledge and understanding of how these agencies wish to procure new equipment, maintenance or modification of existing equipment and how they want to conduct their projects.

Technical support runs like a thread through all our activities. Beyond all the complex requirements are always a consumers or end users. Our goal is to keep that person in focus.

As an engineering company we are able to put together the skills required to solve the customer’s needs, even if the time is limited. The customer’s goals and requirements are of course in focus, but we also take with us our passion for solving problems, and our experience within the projects. After over 1000 different projects of varying sizes, we dare say that we can defence and security.

The missions extend through the entire product lifecycle, from early setting requirements and acquisition support, to supply of material and documentation and eventually decommissioning. No matter what stage you hire us, we take you forward.

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