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We have been environmentally certified since May 2014 according to SS-EN ISO 14001 and in the autumn of 2015 we were also certified within the quality management system SS-EN ISO 9001.


Since May 2014, we have been environmentally certified in accordance with SS-EN ISO 14001. This means that, where environmental issues are concerned, we have a structured and controlled approach to our work. We are constantly making improvements by continuously reviewing our environmental impact. Everyone at Svensk Konstruktionstjänst AB pushes the environmental work forward, and we also want to engage our clients’ questions and perspectives relating to the environment.


Our environmental policy provides the basis for Svekon’s environmental work. Our goal is that Svensk Konstruktionstjänst AB will continue to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of its operations, through systematic environmental work that strives for continuous improvements.

We are an engineering firm that offers engineering services through Svekon Resurs, Svekon Team, and our mechanical design and development products. Through continuous environmental work, Svekon contributes to a sustainable, healthy, and enhanced environment globally. We must work for constant improvement in our internal and external projects, and we must always comply with or exceed current environmental legislation, rules, requirements, and standards.

Environmental work for us means, among other things:

  • That every year we set new environmental goals and follow up on old ones.

  • That we prevent pollution in our operations and product development.

  • That when developing products, we think environmentally smart and try to reduce the environmental impact in this way, as far as possible.

  • That we place both relevant and reasonable environmental requirements on our suppliers and consider the environmental impact for significant investments, for example, when purchasing equipment for office or work.

  • That we continuously replace older technology and equipment with more environmentally friendly upgrades.

  • That we as far as possible avoid disposable items and choose environmentally approved office materials and other consumables.

  • That we prioritize the lowest energy consumption possible – by switching off lights and not leaving computers on standby at the end of the working day, for example.

  • That we leave recyclable materials, such as paper and cardboard, batteries, scrap metal, disposable glass etc., at environmental stations for recycling.

  • That sustainable waste management and the possibility of recycling materials are always considered and prioritized over availability and price.

  • That we only print necessary documents and use double-sided
    printing whenever possible. 32109 Rev.G


In autumn 2015, we became certified within the quality management system SS-EN ISO 9001.
The quality management system is based on continuous improvements in operations, through following up on goals relevant to quality, customer satisfaction, deviation management, and internal audits.


Quality assurance ensures that the client’s requirements for products and services are defined, documented, and fulfilled. The contract review, which is written before the order is placed, documents the requirements for products and services.

For our primary processes, quality objectives are measured and monitored.

We shall instill confidence in our professional consulting business, with engineering services such as Svekon Resurs, Svekon Team and our own products.

We will always provide services on time and according to clear, accepted agreements with the customer. Through our expertise we contribute to requirements that might be unknown to the customer but necessary when it comes to developing the right product. Submitted reports, calculations, and other documents or products must reflect professional work of an excellent standard.

Our quality work is an integral part of our way of working. We meet customer requirements and consider applicable laws and regulations, as well as appropriate industry agreements. We develop our quality work and management system through continuous improvements and measurable goalposts for improved quality.

Quality policy and goals are communicated to the employees who are responsible for keeping our daily work in compliance with the quality policy. 32108 Rev.B