For a better tomorrow

We are an engineering firm. As such, we all have varying expertise and backgrounds. That’s what makes us strong. By learning and developing together – both with each other and with our customers – we can create world-class solutions. But even though we all come from different backgrounds, we are united by the same goal: to create a better tomorrow through innovation.


We are engineers who have specialized in mechanical design and we provide consulting services or run complete projects, as well as providing specialist services in various design tasks. We can work on our part at your headquarters, or at our own premises in Solna.


Our employees are hand-picked from every corner of Sweden with specific expertise and useful experience. Our staff have extensive experience and knowledge from different sectors.

Svekon ingenjörsbyrå
Svekon ingenjörsbyrå


Svekon is a complete technology company in mechanical design and product development. Our business is focused on engineering work and delivery commitments and covers all stages, from conception to delivery of the finished product or solution. Our clientele consists of medium and large industrial firms, as well as Swedish defence. Our projects range from precision engineering to heavy construction.


Försvar & SäkerhetNews

FMV and the armed forces extend framework agreement for technical system support regarding the land range

We are pleased to announce that the two framework agreements procured by FMV regarding Technical System Support (TSS) regarding the Land Arena in 2019 have now been extended by FMV…
För en bättre morgondag skyltNews

Now we close 2021 – our best year so far!

Our 50th active year has been full of success, despite the ongoing pandemic and semiconductor shortage. During 2021, we have won several new framework agreements and procurements with FMV. We…
Frydenbø Milpro ASNews

Extended collaboration with FMV through a new agreement

We are very proud to announce that we’ve recently been rewarded with a new agreement together with Frydenbø Milpro AS by FMV. The agreement covers inflatable patrol boats including engines…