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”I do different things at home than at work”

At work he designs circuit boards, but in his spare time he prefers to do completely different things. Meet Svekon’s new electronics designer Stefan Stark.

You have been at ABB, AFRY and Senseair before. How come you choose Svekon?
I know Frida (Prästings) from before. She has indicated that my skills would be a good fit at Svekon. Last spring I got to see the office, meet the Borlänge gang, hear more about Svekon and that’s the way it went.

Have you and Frida worked together?
No, but we have mutual friends. Plus she has moved quite recently, so we’re almost neighbors now.

What did you do at your last job?
I was at Senseair. They make gas sensors to measure carbon dioxide, alcohol and other gases. I worked with small circuit boards, the sensor core itself, which we sold to other companies who integrated it into their electronics in order to, for instance, measure air quality.

Do you have any home projects?
At home I do different things than what I do at work. Usually there is a lot to take care of with the house. There has been a lot of renovation over the years, but nowadays I think it’s more fun to tinker with smaller things like furniture, bicycles and lamps. I like old rusty things that have been used, but are of such high quality that they can be used for many more years.

Most recently, I bought a three-legged lamp base at auction, and then I had an old tractor headlight from my grandfather, which I mounted at the top. Now, it lights up a painting at home in the kitchen. I like it when you have a relation to the stuff.

What else do you do in your spare time?
I do some running, skiing and snowboarding. I like music too, I like to go to small concerts where it is more intimate than at an arena concert.