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“I look forward to rolling up my sleeves”

By day, she is a purchaser and hopes to build a solid purchasing group focusing on sustainability. After hours, she trains young people in hockey and has her own cultivation at home in Väsby. Meet Svekon’s new employee Diana Westerlund!

What’s your role at Svekon?
My role is focused on purchasing, both strategic and operative. I will also support manage new and existing projects within Defense and Security.

Tell us about your background!
I’ve worked in telecom for ten years with customer support, project management and quality control for business clients. After that, I entered the solar cell industry as a project manager and coordinator. After a while, I felt I wanted to do something else and started to study to become a qualified purchaser and will graduate in May 2023.

How did you end up here at Svekon?
I was recommended to apply by a friend who has worked here before, so I reached out to Martin Frisk, and it was a good match.

What do you look forward to?
I look forward to experiencing a new industry, evolving as a person in a new position, and of course, spending time with all my colleagues. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and helping out!

What do you do when you are not working?
I’m at the ice rink with my family when I’m not at work. My husband and I are ice hockey trainers, and our girls play. Beyond that, I cultivate a lot, and it’s a big interest! I’m now expanding with a new greenhouse and more pallet collars.