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”I was a part in starting a turning club at KTH”

She visited Svekon for the first time in spring 2022, during an after school for KTH students. When she was about to graduate she sent a spontaneous application – which we are very happy about. Meet Svekon’s new mechanical designer Emma Bergman!

You come straight from school, tell us what you’ve studied!
I started studying civil engineering in Sundsvall at Mittuniversitetet, where I took my bachelor’s degree in Technical Design. Then I moved to Stockholm and finished my education with a master’s in Integrated Product design at KTH. 

What do you look forward to the most, starting working at Svekon?
I look forward to learning a lot, being involved and making an impact – and hopefully to help others. A dream project would be to be involved in developing some type of product for children who need extra support in various ways.

What type of project do you like the most?
Foremost I enjoy projects where you have close contact with the client, but also projects that are user centered. Where you get to meet the target group. 

What do you do on your spare time?
I do a lot of team gymnastics, both training and coaching. So 5 evenings a week go to that, being in the training hall.

That sounds like another full-time job! What do you do when you are free then?
Then I like to create different shapes and paint. I like to work with clay and do a lot of turning. I was involved in starting a turning club at KTH when I was studying there, so then I did it more. Unfortunately, I don’t have room for my turntable where I live, but when I move to a bigger place, I hope to have a whole craft room where I can be creative.