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Within the engineering industry, companies often have their own development department. Svekon acts as a resource for these departments, offering help and specialist expertise in different areas.



Our consultants are often posted at customer companies, becoming thus a strengthening resource. Sometimes you need the support of a competent on-site designer to assist in the development of a completely new machine part. We are also on hand if support is needed only for a single stage in the development process. But if necessary, we assist during the entire development chain. Svekon can also contribute with idea generation for companies that need help to solve a problem or find new ideas and ways of thinking. We can also run customer development projects on Svekon’s own premises, where there are also possibilities to manufacture prototypes.

The industrial companies we work with are Atlas Copco, DeLaval, SiteTel, FTI – Packaging and Newspaper Collection, and many more.



We have broad expertise and have worked in various industries with different manufacturing methods. Within product development, we are used to working with embedded systems such as electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics. This makes us a highly competent partner for the development or further development of industrial products.

Over 3000 completed projects testify to our experience. Through the years we have worked with everything from large welded structures to small handheld machines. These projects have allowed us to gain experience in most manufacturing methods, but above all in mechanics.



All of our designers have a keen interest in technology and a practical background. Our employees often use their skills in their spare time, which has given them a great understanding for the manufacture of custom products. This also leads to an understanding of the installation and service of products and equipment, which contributes to better solutions in product development activities.