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To be able to handle chemicals, large or small scale, or package the product for analysis purposes in different containers or columns, requires specialized knowledge and often the use of automation machines. We tailor the equipment to the customer’s specific needs and gladly assist with writing precise specifications and verifying these requirements through FAT and SAT.



Today we have some of our biggest customers within the pharmaceutical and biochemical industries. Our customers are knowledgeable and have clear requirements that their equipment must meet. It is our task to ensure that this really works. We have extensive knowledge of how these devices must be designed and built, for example, in order to pump and handle substances and get them to flow without forming sediments or clots which interfere with the flow.

Our past and current clients include many international as well as Swedish companies. We place a high value on good communication with our clients and through the years it has contributed to a very good understanding of the requirements of the chemical apparatus industry. We also have experience of contact with relevant authorities and industry-specific requirements regarding medical equipment. Some products need, for example, approval by the FDA and/or TÜV.



With our long experience of machine design within life sciences, we have acquired extensive knowledge of CE marking. We of course handle MD, LVD, EMC and RoHS but also IP, ATEX and PED if required. We understand the importance of good and relevant documentation within life science, and we have a good reputation for meeting high customer demands and for our very high level of service.



Svekon can deliver ready-to-use automation machines. After the requirement specifications have been prepared by you, or together with us, we take care of all the steps including manufacturing, assembly, programming, validation (FAT and SAT), CE marking and complete documentation. If you wish, we can also provide training for your operators and service staff.