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Svekon develop machines for the processing industry. This may include automation equipment and other chemical engineering apparatus. Thanks to long-term cooperation with companies in the processing industry, we have a great understanding of the special requirements for chemical equipment.



The assignments may involve a company involved in a process technology development project needing help with the next step. When the work goes from small-scale to the production of larger amounts, test tubes and small vessels are no longer enough. You need to invest in larger vessels, pumps and so on.

To get help with the mechanics and development, you can turn to us. Our skills complement each other – Your company has specific expertise and knows about processing, we have expertise in equipment and appliances in the same field.



In the process, it is the product itself which should be transported in tubes or manufactured / processed in vessels. Substances can have different properties. They may be easily pumped, glutinous, sticky, volatile or dangerous. The substances chemists work with can be extremely dangerous, explosive, foul-smelling or corrosive which places high demands on machine safety and procedures.

We also have experience of processing equipment for metallurgical processes, where we worked with machines for metallic granulation for our client, UHT.



With our long experience of machine design within the automation field, we have acquired extensive knowledge of CE marking. We of course handle MD, LVD, EMC and RoHS, but also ATEX and PED if required. We understand the importance of good and relevant documentation for the processing industry and we have a good reputation for meeting customer demands and for our very high level of service.



Svekon can deliver ready-to-use automation equipment. After the requirement specifications have been prepared by you, or together with us, we take care of all the steps including manufacturing, assembly, programming, validation (FAT and SAT), CE marking and complete documentation. If you wish, we can also provide training for your operators and service staff.