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For more than 30 years, Svekon have supported the national defence industry, the swedish defence materiel administration and the Swedish Armed Forces with technical support and equipment deliveries to ground forces and air defence units

The Ground Arena includes all the vehicles and systems that the Swedish Armed Forces use on land, such as trucks, combat vehicles, “soft skin” and armoured all-terrain vehicles (tracked and wheeled), but also air defence systems, health care and weapons systems. This equipment is widely used in the international efforts that Sweden is involved in, which puts high demands on reliability, availability, and functionality.



Throughout a product’s life cycle, missions may include technical support, such as status survey, requirement specifications and standards authority for acquisitions, delivery, refurbishment and ultimately decommissioning.



With our skilled teams, we can for example carry out studies, develop prototypes, modify, deliver and assemble the equipment for military vehicles with respect to role-specific fittings, weapons supplies and medical equipment. We have employees with a background from the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Defence Material Administration who have solid expertise in military technology and extensive experience with public requests for quotation and procurements. The Swedish Defence Material Administration, who constitutes the contracting authority for defence, often has special and complex requirements in their procurement documents. After many years’ experience of working with the Swedish Defence Material Administration and the Swedish National Defence industry, we know how to respond to these requests for information and requests for quotation which gives us a great advantage when it comes to procurements in general.



Design modification missions for the Defence often involve redesign or additional design during half time refurbishment or life time extensions of systems. The objective is based on a very clear functional requirement, for example to produce a complete functional interior for one of the vehicles in international deployment. The installation must be user friendly, efficient, secure and robust. We develop a specification of what the system will accomplish, manufacture, test and deliver before compiling a complete technical file for the system. We validate and verify consistency according to set requirements.


  • ILS-work – the development of documentation

  • Development of Technical Order (TOMF, TOAF and more)

  • Development of Repair Manual (REPBOK)

  • Production of Spare Parts Catalogue (RDKAT)

  • Development of Materials maintenance schedule (MVSCH)

  • Development of Instructions/Manual (IBOK)

  • The development of Batch and Accessory Lists

  • Development of the Control Book

  • Registration of administrative data

    • Product data registration PDR

    • Supply registration MIMER (GoF-web, fd FREJ88)

    • Registration with BORIS

    • Registration with LIFT/PRIO

    • Maintenance Instructions (Mvsch)

    • Mfl.


  • System Safety- Development of complete system safety documentation

  • Development of safety statement (SCA)

  • Development of System Safety plan (SSPP)

  • Development of a preliminary hazard list (PHL)

  • Implementation of System Safety analysis (SCA)

  • Conduct Safety briefings (SSPR)

  • Preparation of report on System Safety work (SSPS)

  • Implementation of Safety Requirements Analysis (SRCA)

  • Development of System Safety report (SAR)

  • Lead a work group in System Safety (SSWG)


  • Feasibility / preliminary study

  • Field work

  • Status survey

  • Requirement specification

  • Contracting specifications

  • Accident investigation

  • Project Management

  • Decommissioning


  • Mechanical design

  • Electronic design

  • Mechatronics

  • Embedded systems

  • Strength calculation (FEM analysis)

  • Simulations (heat, flow and so on)

  • Mockup

  • Prototype development

  • Testing

  • Verification

  • Validation