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Svekon are specialists in technical support to companies and authorities in the field of Defence and Security. Our teams help the police to develop and maintain the systems used to fight criminals today.

Thanks to long-term cooperation with many government agencies, there is a great understanding of the special requirements for equipment and systems. We solve complex problems quickly and efficiently to maximise police presence and actions in society.



Svekon can deliver customized climbing equipment to the Armed Forces and Police. Together with our partner C2 Vertical Safety, we produce the equipment that best suits your needs and specific requirements.

Our expertise in safety equipment includes climbing equipment used for Police and Armed Forces to be able to operate in the mountains, high masts and towers, and the boarding of vessels.

Svekon and C2 support the Police and Armed Forces of deliveries in the following areas:

  • Spare parts and accessories to the existing kits and equipment.
  • Prototypes and supplementary materials to maintain the integrity of the equipment sector.
  • Engineering support such as studies, the status of inventories, usually documentation, system documentation and maintenance preparations.

The goal is to ensure the Police and the Armed Forces’ ability over time and maintain materiel capabilities throughout its lifecycle.