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Consumer products

Svekon are specialists in product development. Our team will help you to identify winning ideas and transform them into successful consumer products. We solve tough problems quickly and effectively for maximum impact on the market.


Our main expertise is in mechanical construction, where the focus is often to realise an idea or a design by making it into a functional product that meets today’s requirements in terms of manufacturing, assembly, quality standards and environmental requirements. We can help you throughout the process, from concept sketches to the finished product, or, for example as a part of your team to strengthen the design phase.


A product that is perceived as an obvious solution, “why hasn’t anyone done this before?”, usually has a great deal of hard work behind it. The best solutions are the result of a structured yet creative approach which allows a gradual development from different ideas to the final product. The main part of a product’s manufacturing costs is determined during the design phase. Here we can bring our expertise into play to help you to find cost-effective materials, manufacturing and assembly methods. The goal is to find design solutions that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements and that wasted resources during the manufacture and assembly be minimised. We have extensive experience in plastic construction, elastomers, metal structures, product testing and assembly solutions.


Many of today’s products are advanced, with in-built systems. Therefore it is important to integrate mechatronics, electronics and other embedded systems at the concept stage. This is also where requirements for ATEX and IP classification or product-specific EN standards come in as part of the development work. Here at Svekon, we are used to integrating these in-built systems and requirements in the product development process, allowing us to take responsibility for the entire product development and not just the mechanical part.


International contacts and partners are also important in an increasingly international market. We have extensive experience of working internationally, primarily in manufacturing and assembly. We have many partners within manufacturing. If you wish, we can help you find the right manufacturer, or if desired, take over manufacturing responsibilities, including quality assurance.