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For our customers in the Medical Technology field, Svekon’s services have included engineered components for advanced instruments and implants and the development of new generations of products. Our engineers have extensive experience from various projects in the industry and rapidly immerse themselves into the client company and project-specific needs. Sometimes the details are so small that welding must be under the microscope. If something is being made for incorporation into the body, it is extremely important that the material itself does not have any negative effect on the human body. This means that we choose to construct certain parts in materials such as precious metals and special plastics.

Our past and current clients include many international as well as Swedish companies. We place a high value on good communication with our clients and through the years it has contributed to a very good understanding of the requirements of the industry.


With our long experience in product development for MedTech purposes, we have acquired extensive knowledge of CE marking. We of course handle MD, LVD, EMC and RoHS but also IP, ATEX and PED if required. We understand the importance of good and relevant documentation within the MedTech, and we have a good reputation for meeting high customer demands and for our very high level of service.


Many challenges in the MedTech industry revolve around productifying or commercialising an idea or solution. Smart solutions and products produced through research which work in the lab environment need to be adapted to the conditions of the industry and to manufacturing methods. It is not enough today to have a great idea or a great product, it must be possible to produce it at the right price and quality. This is where Svekon can help you to realise your product.

If the manufacturing processes do not yet exist in today’s industry, we can develop a new process. Our broad expertise and experience enables us to offer the development of automation equipment for the MedTech industry, read more on Automation – Life Science.