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The telecommunications industry is one of the fastest growing areas, with wireless communications that span the globe. We at Svekon would like to contribute to Sweden’s bid to remain a leader in telecommunications development. Our society places higher demands than ever on bandwidth and connection speeds. Therefore, there is now a great demand for new innovative solutions for antennae and sites with simple connections.


We have extensive experience in base station antennae where user interface and network optimisation is in focus. In cooperation with our clients, we have developed several models for communication devices and network components.

Telecommunications products are often the fruit of cooperation between engineers in RF, electronics, mechanics and industrial design in a production team where cross-functional collaboration is vital to produce a good product. That is where Svekon can help, as we have many employees with extensive backgrounds in telecommunications. We have worked on the development of base station antennae (single-band, multi-band and MIMO) terminal antennae (mobile phones, laptops, etc.), filters, amplifiers, repeaters, and mounts. In short, almost everything within mast-mounted as well as rack-mounted base station equipment, production equipment and fixtures.


Svekon are specialists in mechanics. We are on hand for product developers and production developers who want to develop new products and production processes. When you are too short on time, resources or skills to take the next step, we come in as problem solvers and offer assistance with our expertise. Many of those who work at Svekon have experience in telecommunications.

No two products or production processes are alike, but although there is a wide variety of products it can happen that product developers get stuck. The idea is there, but how can you further develop it into a finished product?