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“It doesn’t really matter if it’s a truck or a toothbrush”

Mats Eriksson

He doesn’t differentiate between trucks and toothbrushes – and lives the life of a rock star in his spare time. Meet Svekon’s new, but also not so new, addition Mats Eriksson.

You left Svekon eight years ago and are now finally back. What made you return?
– It was Johan’s (Lantz, CEO) capacity for charm. All jokes aside, it’s probably because I know the company and know it’s a good place to work. The level of technology is great, there are lots of different projects, and the people who work here are highly competent. Then there were some soft values like the fact that I live close by. The company also looks new compared to when I was here last, back when we were situated in Täby.

What will your role at Svekon be?
– I deal with mechanical product development, so I’m a constructor basically. The idea now is that I’m supposed to have a role that is more related to project management, but there is an opportunity to do a little bit of both at Svekon. Here, a project manager is just as likely to take part in working on the technical solutions.

What type of project suits you best?
– If we’re talking about product development processes, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a truck or a toothbrush that’s being developed, the process is about the same if you zoom out. I lean towards the area of consumer products and a little more form-bound design in product development. But what I crave most is the creative part. To be faced with a problem and crack a tough nut.

Do you have any personal projects?
– – I’ve recently become a father, so there’s a lot to do there. Project child. I also have a sailboat that requires some maintenance and in the basement there’s an old motorcycle. I play the bass in a band; our name is Moccasin. We meet once a week and play rock music. But it’s a little harder having rock star dreams – things like taking over the world, going on tour and so on – now that I have children.

Listen to Mats’ band Moccasin here!