We deliver complete solutions in
the form of full-service, turnkey
projects and delivery of turnkey
machines and production lines

With more than 40 years of experience in mechanics and engineering, we make sure that, besides skilled mechanical designers, you also get an engaged and committed partner in your project. Whether you need support for a single stage in the development of your product or through the whole development chain, we can help you.

We are your development department

You may not have a development department or may need strengthening during certain periods. In those cases, we can act as a part of or all of your development department. We will then work with your other departments and act as part of the company. With our combined experience, knowledge and network of contacts, you get a really good product development. We take care of project management, feasibility studies, requirement specifications, design, calculations, prototypes, testing, and much more. We also help with documentation, CE marking and patents.

From idea to product

If you have an idea for a product but not the resources to develop it, we take full responsibility for it. Or if your development team needs support in any area, we will help you with that. We are involved from idea generation to prototype development and on to mass production. In close cooperation with you, we develop the best solution for the product. We take care of project management, documentation, CE marking etc. Our wide network of contacts among manufacturers and suppliers helps to shorten the lead time to mass production.

A complete product today is often multiple systems integrated with each other. These embedded systems such as electronics, mechatronics, hydraulics and pneumatics are encompassed by product development and our expertise in these areas leads to shorter development times and better products.

Ready-to-use automation machines

If you tell us what the machine should do, we will fix the rest. We deliver ready-to-use machines. The requirement specifications and definition of the problem is the start. From there, we continue with idea generation, concept, design, calculations, prototypes, procurement, manufacturing, documentation, installation, validation, and much more. With our experience of 3000 projects, we also have a global network that enables us to help with things like electrical design, programming, rendering, simulation, visualization, patents, industrial design and training. We also have contacts within injection moulding, casting, machining, sheet metal and much more.

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