Practicing indoor cross-country ski training has previously been synonymous with fixed legs and a lack of true ski feeling. Nordic Ski Crosser is the first training machine that includes the legs and mimics the entire movement in classic cross-country skiing.

SVEKON, together with Motiofy, has developed a compact and adjustable training machine that allows the user to easily adjust their ski training in intensity, technology and the leg’s contribution in the training.

Release mechanism that prevents injury

In 2018, a simpler prototype was developed into a fully featured functional prototype for optimization and evaluation. During the evaluations, a safety release mechanism was developed that allows bindings to be used in a user-friendly and secure manner.

Then the whole machine was refined for one more round based on all evaluation feedback. The result; a compact, complete and user-friendly ski training machine.

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The movement pattern in the machine allows the whole body to work and thus gives a technique very similar to skiing on snow when poling. The machine gives a forward movement which allows the rider to take a naturally forward training position.

The coaches Sollefteå ski high school

Tough evaluation resulted in award-winning invention

Evaluating the product together with future elite skiers gave tough feedback and has resulted in many improvements to the end-product.

Motiofy and Nordic SkiCrossern took home the Venture Cup NORD award in 2019 as the game changer of the year. The country final is in September 2019.

Right now the machine is at Friskis & swettis in Kungsholmen and Sollentuna.

The collaboration with SVEKON has worked very well, friendly reception, fast deliveries and a creativity and problem-solving attitude. Resulting in that we today have a completely world-unique training machine out on the market

Patrik Lindström – Founder Motiofy

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