“We were in need of expanded resources where design was concerned, and were looking for new ideas. Finding Svensk Konstruktionstjänst resulted in an excellent collaboration for many years to come,” explains Bo Dolk-Petersson, Head of Product Supply and R&D at QleanAir (formerly Smoke Free Systems) in Stockholm.

QleanAir develops products that purify the air in different settings. “Our main focus is on tobacco smoke, but we are constantly developing our products and broadening our aims, in order to be able to remove all kinds of odours. Clean air is our primary focus. We have previously produced smoking rooms for three to six people, but we needed a larger station that could accommodate eight people,” says Bo Dolk-Petersson.

SF Forum is a “smoking station” that replaces smoking rooms in public places. “The previous stations were round. The new one was to be rectangular, which required quite a lot of work on the details,” notes Rickard Johansson, design engineer and client manager at Svensk Konstruktionstjänst.

Duct tape and cardboard

With panes of glass, pieces of cardboard, and duct tape, the prototyping began in order to determine the applicable measurements, as well as how spacious the finished unit would be.

“We always work closely with our clients, and in this case we were able to employ a great deal of our own resources and internal expertise as well. We built prototypes and made special applications. Throughout the process, we ran test sessions, iterative tests, operational tests and similar evaluations in our workshop.”

Thoughts during the process

The idea was to reuse as much as possible of the older structures.

“This was a challenge, because we had changed the basic shape from round to rectangular. The roof required special attention. We used the computer to make drawings and decide what the profile of the roof needed to look like in order to get the right profiles and firmness. After checking back and discussing with the client, we arrived at a good compromise between weight, stability and cost.

Once each subassembly was finished, a complete production template was drawn up and discussed with the company’s suppliers.

“We created the new station in modular form, so that you can now extend it one module at a time, if you want to enlarge the room. It’s fun to build something that will be used in everyday life. This is the smoking room at Arlanda airport, so every time I travel from there I go and make sure that everything looks good,” says Rickard Johansson.

For QleanAir, the collaboration with Svensk Konstruktionstjänst has proven an effective way of completing an active product development without any design engineers of their own. “Svensk Konstruktionstjänst are flexible, service minded and have a broad skill set. As a client, I don’t have to commit to long cooperation agreements. Here, I can get the resources I need, regardless of whether I might need many engineers one month and none at all the next. We always work with one and the same person who knows us well and understands our needs, which is something I greatly appreciate,” says Bo Dolk-Petersson.

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