600x300 inredning patgb

The interior design in the armoured jeep of the Swedish National Defence, the Patgb 203, has been thought out in every detail. Each thing has its place. Keeping everything in neat order is important so that there is enough room for the right equipment, without it taking up too much surface area or volume.

“We have developed a customised interior for vehicles used in the demining of so-called home-made bombs, IEDs. These vehicles are used by our international units, often associated with humanitarian efforts. The assignment was to create efficient storage, as well as place for cabinets, shelves, operator stations, antenna mounts, and other special equipment,” says Mikael Leimu, design engineer at Svensk Konstruktionstjänst.

At times, the only information the design engineers were given were the dimensions of a particular object that was to go in the vehicle.

“In situations like that, we use a mockup with the right dimensions instead. That way, we can still make room for a piece of equipment we don’t even know anything about.”

A large and comprehensive task

Mikael Leimu has vast experience with this vehicle and is one of several design engineers at the company who have a background in the Swedish National Defence.

“Knowing the vehicle is of great help in the project. We have worked with Patgb 203 for several years. We documented the first generation of vehicles with IEDD interior design. We got to be part of building interiors for the second generation, and lastly, we were in charge of the complete design and installation in the vehicles of the third generation. It is a prestigious assignment for us.”

The vehicles are used by the union of Swedish engineers on peacekeeping missions abroad, in the clearing of mines and homemade bombs, as well as in disposal of ammunition. Among other places, they are employed in Afghanistan, where the Swedish National Defence are involved.

“It feels great to be part of the development of something that can be used for humanitarian aid.”

All stages of benefit

Over the years, the assignment for the Patgb 203 has encompassed many different areas of expertise within Svensk Konstruktionstjänst. Everything from the initial studies to provide the basis for the procurement, to generating creative ideas and mockups, as well as the construction of the final product.

“Our engineers aren’t reinventing the wheel every day. But, rather, they optimise and use existing solutions in an effective way. The key is to solve the problem; in this case, the problem was how we could improve the interior design, and best arrange the surfaces in a clever and safe manner,” says Mikael Leimu.

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