Svensk Konstruktionstjänst carry out construction assignments for major medical research and pharmaceutical companies. Many times, design engineers work in close collaboration with development teams and research teams on site with customers in the med-tech sector.

Svensk Konstruktionstjänst offer assistance in the shape of skilled designer engineers, on short-term as well as long-term bases. We can also manufacture and test construction designs and equipment in our own workshop, before the subsequent delivery to the customer.

Extensive experience

“We have built and delivered automation machines that, for example, fill tubes and pipes. Furthermore, we have designed parts for advanced instruments, and precision mechanical components for implants, among many other things. No matter what function a product is intended to fulfil, problem solving and construction design work always constitute its foundation. Our engineers have extensive experience in various projects within the industry, and quickly familiarise themselves with whatever corporate and mission-specific needs there may be. Our experience also includes contact with government agencies as well as industry-specific requirements regarding medical devices. Certain products must be approved by the FDA and/or TÜV, for example,” says Martin Frisk, Senior Consultant at Svensk Konstruktionstjänst.

A key cog in the big picture

One of the engineers who, in recent years, have worked on site at one of our med-tech clients is Rickard Johansson.

“Working on site with the client makes for a unique, efficient and close collaboration. Sometimes, I have started out with a limited assignment to develop a new feature for an existing instrument. Later on, I became involved in the direct development of new generations of products. At times, the details are so small that welding must be done under a microscope. If we have to construct something that enters the body, it is of utmost importance that the material itself does not have any negative effect on the human body. This means that we construct the details in materials such as precious metals and special plastics. It’s an exciting industry to work in, and I’ve learnt quite a lot of anatomy as part of the bargain,” says Rickard Johansson.

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