Svensk Konstruktionstjänst is constructing and installing a new control panel on one of the largest ships of the Swedish National Defence. The secret behind a problem-free delivery right on time? Meticulous planning.

Since 1996, HMS Trossö has been among the Swedish National Defence’s naval vessels. With a permanent crew of 61 people and a length of about 235 ft., the ship is one of the National Defence’s largest vessels.

The ship was due its annual check-up around the turn of the year 2014/2015 and underwent a major renovation. Among other things, the ship would be equipped with an electronic nautical chart and an ECDIS information system, which connects images from radar, GPS, AIS (boat identification system), sonar and visual systems. In conjunction with the installation of this new system, the Swedish Naval Forces wanted a cohesive, spruced-up control panel for the command bridge.

Svensk Konstruktionstjänst were contacted by one of our collaboration partners, Poseidon Konsult, and asked to be in charge of the mechanics. Many projects were going on at the same time, such as the replacement of the floor of the bridge, but could not be delayed – work on the panel took place simultaneously.

Stefan Mejerwall, one of the design engineers, is pleased with the project: “We had to stick to an extremely tight schedule, and everything required meticulous planning. A wooden prototype was necessary for verifying the installation, as the components for the new console had to be craned in through a window. With the prototype, we could fine-tune the positioning of all the controls and information displays on site in the ship.”

The project began in September and the installation of the control panel would take place over the course of three days during the first week of December. A mechanics workshop was booked for two weeks in mid-November, and a paint shop was ready to use in the last week of November. The installation was carried out in two days, and then handed over to the electricians who, during the next five weeks, connected thousands of wires and cables. When the power was turned on, everything worked on the very first try.

More about Trossö

Trossö’s primary mission is to provide battleships with support in the form of fuel, lubricants, food, water, health care, technical equipment and spare parts. Specially trained technicians and engineers are part of the crew to help combat units with repairs and service on site, so that they do not need to leave the area of operation. Together with the coastal corvettes HMS Stockholm and HMS Malmö, Trossö took part in supporting and managing vessels in the EU’s joint Operation Atalanta, which fought piracy off the Somali coast in 2008-2009. One of the main tasks of Trossö at the time was to supply the corvettes with fuel, either while stationary or through a pipe several hundred metres in length. Closer to home, HMS Trossö can also be used for civil sea rescue or in environmental efforts. This vessel belongs to the Fourth Naval Warfare Flotilla, and has its homeport in Berga, south of Stockholm.

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