The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) is part of Swedish Total Defence. Their task is to provide services and equipment to the Armed Forces. Svekon has supported Defcon Solutions in its work with FMV by integrating a new management capability for the Swedish Armed Forces’ Amphibious Corps, whose role is to defend Sweden’s coast and archipelago.

A new system solution for the Amphibious Corps

Svekon is an important part of the partnership that has a framework agreement to deliver integration tools to FMV, with the aim of supporting and developing the Armed Forces’ cooperation and leadership capabilities. The assignments consisted of several different projects and the background to the collaboration was the introduction of an updated system solution for the Swedish Amphibious Corps.

The new system consists of around 50 different subsystems that are integrated on five different boat types. Svekon’s commitments within the framework agreement include design, ILS and system security for the overall solution.

Integration of equipment in confined spaces

As is often the case in the Armed Forces, a key factor is integration of equipment in confined spaces, where everything must work even under harsh physical conditions. To solve this, we have worked closely with our partners, FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces. The work has included, among other things, manufacturing schedules for both mechanics and cabling, system safety, system diagrams and documentation. The result is a robust, total solution where all different subsystems are merged into a complete system.


When choosing a partner for the framework agreement, the choice was simple. Svekon, who we worked with previously, had all the skills we needed in a partner in construction, ILS and system safety. The collaboration with Svekon has been both rewarding and developing for us. With our joint commitment to FMV, we deliver what the Armed Forces are looking for.

Mathias Sigvardsson, Founder and CTO, Defcon Solutions AB

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