Sheet metal enclosures to platforms for streaming video services

Since 2004, Edgeware have been a company at the forefront of their genre: platforms for streaming video services via the internet. The products Svensk Konstruktionstjänst worked on are server chassis for the electronics Edgeware develop. By being the first to combine FPGA processors and flash memory for the storage and streaming of video files, they have made it possible to reduce the external form factor and power consumption by up to 90%, compared with the products of competing companies.

Since 2007, Svensk Konstruktionstjänst and Edgeware have had a close collaboration in developing the mechanics for their products, redesigning as well as producing new designs for the mechanical components in the chassis that encapsulate the electronics with EMI protection and adequate air supply for the memory and processors.

The chassis designed for 19” server racks is the size of 1-Unit half depth, which is one of the most decisive, exacting, as well as aggravating, requirements that have been placed on the sheet metal enclosure. A combination of laser cutting, blank cutting, and etching makes up the manufacturing methods, which, together with a craft of bending, constitutes a unique chassis.

“The difficulties during the most recent project, the Orbit 3020, have been to minimise the number of unique components whilst still maintaining the EMI protection, air flow and the outer gauges, which are standardised,” says Peter Eriksson, who has been the design engineer during the latest projects.

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