FMV - teleanalys

From free form designs to 3D-documentation

Teleanalys have a major contract with the Swedish National Defence Materiel Administration, FMV: to produce different vehicle sets for the installation/completion of communications equipment for the various vehicle programs of the National Defence. The electronics are mounted in adapted mechanics with a variety of functional requirements. It must be possible to perform the installation in the workshop as well as in the field, which puts great demands on technical documentation. The assignment also includes the production of specialised machinery in small series.

When Svekon were engaged several years ago as a subcontractor tasked with producing technical documentation, there were free form designs for everything, but documentation that would meet the requirements set by FMV was largely missing.

“We draw 3D-blueprints and produce all the documents needed to manufacture parts and components. The challenge lies in the fact that the electronics and mechanics, which are developed in parallel, must go together. The production takes place in close cooperation with subcontractors within mechanical processing. It’s exciting to get the chance to work on such an extensive project, and with a client with high standards,” says Larisa Vucic.

CEO Lars Petterson describes the collaboration with Svensk Konstruktionstjänst as follows: “Teleanalys is a small, dynamic company with quick decision making. Everything we deliver is largely our own designs, developed by our own technicians. Our business is driven by innovation, with high technical expertise. Standards demanding quick paces at each stage, while still maintaining quality, fit us like a glove. We have the same requirements for our collaboration partners that we have for ourselves. In Svensk Konstruktionstjänst, we’ve found a kindred spirit.”

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