It all started with a ruler for more than 125 years ago. Today, Hultafors is a large international brand producing tools of the highest quality intended for craftsmen.

Svensk Konstruktionstjänst has assisted Hultafors in developing multiple versions of their products over the years. Some of the products we worked with are their measuring tapes, or Talmeter, which is their registered trademark, and different kinds of knives.


For the measuring tape we developed a production adapted plastic part design for injection moulding based on material from their design firm. Enhancements we made includes an improved working of the extender as well as a function for facilitating the measurement of pipe diameters using a pi-scale on the bottom of the measuring tape.

The knives

One of the challenges with the various snap-off blades and the carpet knife was the locking mechanism for the blade. Once this problem was resolved, we could adapt the production caps on existing designs.

Machine design

In addition to product development, we have also participated in the construction of an assembly machine for the Hultafors Talmeter. The equipment puts together the parts; the spring-loaded spool, extender, hold switch and covers.

Håkan Carlsson, Commercial Product Manager at Hultafors is pleased with the collaboration and the result:

– We are very impressed with the knowledge Svensk Konstruktionstjänst has contributed with. Their long and extensive experience has been of great service for us and our collaboration led to exemplary solutions with great interaction between function and design.


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