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Lifting beam for armoured jeep.

When armoured jeeps are deployed and used under field conditions, they require servicing, repairs and maintenance. However, the problem is that in some workshops or in the field, the lifting height is not sufficient to lift the motor unit. Armoured jeeps have large engines weighing about 1.7 tonnes – a tall order for any lifting equipment.

Svekon have been commissioned to construct a lifting beam for armoured jeeps that works in field conditions. A lifting beam that is stable even when the ground is uneven or at an incline, which works in workshops where the ceiling is too low and provides easier access to adjust the hoist chains from the top of the lifting beam.

In order to remove the motor when on a slope, one of the things you need to do is adjust the lifting point and the chains. One crucial detail is that the lifting point is adjustable and placed between the beams. This significantly reduces the lifting height. The load hangs straight, and height adjustments can be handled from the top, which makes the lifting beam easier to handle,” says Sandra Lundin, who worked on developing the design.

The lift beam project contained almost all of the design construction elements, such as studies of various solutions, production of prototypes, testing in various workshops, tests and adjustments to the final design, CE-certification, and documentation.

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