Documentation of systems for battery backup for base stations in the telecom industry

Telecom base stations are used throughout the world, and pressure on the technology involved to work at all times is very high. They need to function in all kinds of aggressive environments, in temperatures from +50°C to -40°C, during earthquakes, in rain, snow, cold, scorching sunshine and dust. Base stations need battery backup in case the mains voltage should fail, which in some parts of the world is quite common. If the base station does not receive power, naturally, the mobile phone system stops working. NorthStar SiteTel is one of the leading global suppliers in the telecom industry; they develop and manufacture climate-controlled battery cabinets in order to give batteries as long a life as possible. Furthermore, these battery cabinets are able to maintain a suitable temperature in hot climates, as well as to retain heat in cold climates.

The cabinet itself looks like a refrigerator, but with all of the technical features mounted in the door to facilitate access to and service of the equipment. The batteries in the cabinet are typically larger than those we are used to seeing in our cars, for example. In total, a fully equipped cabinet weighs approximately 1.5 tons.

The task of Svensk Konstruktionstjänst is to develop the manuals needed for installation and maintenance of these battery backup cabinets. The manuals consist of descriptions, installation instructions, instructions for maintenance, as well as manuals for options and spare parts and how to install them. The equipment must be serviceable regardless of where they are located and who is assigned to work on them. It is therefore crucial that the documents be as informative and easy to understand as possible.

“We create manuals with the use of CAD drawings, photographs, illustrations and blueprints. We create 3D illustrations and line drawings, since they are educational and easy to follow. Those who use the manuals may have very differing backgrounds and levels of education. Our manuals can be used in the jungles of Southeast Asia as much as in the Arctic,” says Svensk Konstruktionstjänst’s P-O Gråd, who worked on the project.

On working with Svensk Konstruktionstjänst, Project Development Manager Ulf Krohn says, “We needed a partner who would be able to create and manage technically complex manuals independently. We chose Svensk Konstruktionstjänst because they offered a solution in which they could complete the assignment with minimal effort on our part. In essence, we provided only the 3D models of the product. Based on these models, Svensk Konstruktionstjänst have created product descriptions, installation manuals, and maintenance manuals. The work has been carried out with a very high degree of professionalism, and all deliveries were made on time. In addition to this, we are impressed with the high quality of the illustrations in the documents. Svensk Konstruktionstjänst proved very proficient in the relevant areas, as well as extremely easy to work with.”

Read more about NorthStar SiteTel on their website.

Read more about NorthStar SiteTel on their website.

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