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A safe and positive working environment is one of DeLaval’s highest priorities. An important part of the effort to maintain and develop the work environment is to provide tools that facilitate heavy lifting and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and accidents. In this project, health aspects and technology were integrated to develop lifting equipment which employees in production will actually use. One challenge in the past has been the fact that, after a period of use, such equipment often ends up on the shelf.

In cooperation with Svensk Konstruktionstjänkst, a process has been developed which aims to develop ways of thinking as well as ways of working, in addition to the actual tool itself. After processing the results of a survey and a needs analysis, discussions of ideas and regular meetings with teams in production were held. Their feedback on the concept sketches then led to further development and subsequent completion of the tool.

By creating a sense of involvement among employees, the project resulted in a tool that employees perceive as suitable based on their preferences. At the same time, their motivation and understanding of the importance of using the lifting equipment, both for themselves and for the business, was strengthened. The employees’ way of working thus contributes to the work environment objective of DeLaval, namely to create the conditions for a physically sustainable working life.

This serves as a reminder and motivation for the individual employee to make use of the tools, even in situations when it might seem less convenient. In this way, the contribution to the overall objective of reducing the risk of accidents and musculoskeletal injuries is maximised.

“The collaboration between Svekon and DeLaval worked brilliantly, and resulted in production-friendly, ergonomic tools that were produced in a process in which the entire production team was involved. Thanks to this process, employee willingness to get involved and influence their work environment increased. The tools that were developed are used extensively and with pride, as the employees have been given the opportunity to influence their work in a previously closed area of production technology,” says Head of Production Tomas Tschee.

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