Twistshake already has a serie of food accessories in their assortment with, among other things, a ”click mat” – a silicone mat that is placed on a flat surface and sticks through a vacuum which is created between the mat and the surface. Children’s plates are then attached, which prevents the child from knocking over the plate during the meal.


We came up with a number of possible designs together with our partner Myra, which was discussed with Twistshake until we found the right way forward. Once the design concept was in place, we continued with the construction to make the chair work. It included footrests and attachments, but mainly we focused on the tray. Safety was important, as the child should not be able to detach the tray and fall out – while the parent should be able to easily place the tray and remove it. This make the product a bit more complex than you might think at first sight. 


With children’s products, safety is A and O. The process of calculations and prototypes has therefore been relatively extensive for the product, to ensure that the chair is durable and certified according to market standards. The result is an aesthetically pleasing chair with several functions that play together and maintain a high level of safety. Collaboration between industrial design, function and form has paved the way to achieve a good entity.

When you’re working with Svekon, you can always expect them to be well-prepared and well-read upon both the project and the demands that we, the clients, have. This to always ensure that our demands and requirements of the product are achieved. During the follow-up meetings, Svekon took it upon themselves to present clear suggestions and solutions based on our feedback, which made it easy for us as the client to make fast and well-informed decisions to ensure that the project could continue as planned.

Thomas Karsberg, Operations & Stock manager på Twistshake