An environmentally friendly refuelling process without spills or vapours – that is the basic idea behind the products of Fuelmatics. The Swedish company have developed an automatic filling station, ARS (The Automatic Refuelling System). ‘Fast’, ‘clean’, ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ are key words for the process.

Svekon contributed to Fuelmatics’s project of producing a new generation of their automatic filling stations.

The dispenser, which is equipped with three nozzles for various fuel types, locates the tank cover and opens it. The tank cap beneath the cover has been replaced with a customised cover for connection to the tank nozzle. After filling up, the dispenser closes the cap. The dispenser is operated via a terminal, accessible from the driver’s seat. Alternatively, the equipment can be operated via mobile phone, which means that you do not even need to open the car window.

In 2013, the automatic refuelling system was exhibited at the NACS Show, the largest trade exhibition for petrol stations, where it generated a great deal of interest.

“Early on in our latest development project, we looked for a consulting firm with access to a broad skill set, so that we would not need to look further should a new problem suddenly arise. The people at Svensk Konstruktionstjänst have proven their mettle and are easy to work with. We appreciate the commitment of the consultants, and in most cases the results have exceeded expectations. Today we think of Svekon as a partner, or definitely as our ‘purveyor’ of technical skills.”

Sten Corfitsen, CEO Fuelmatics