Together with Twistshake, Svekon developed a new, modular combination of baby bottle and powder storage in a short period of time. The conditions were beneficial: a good idea, an effective collaboration, as well as creative and solution-oriented project participants.


Twistshake came to Svekon in early 2014 with ideas on function and design, as well as sketches for a product that would make life easier for parents. The basic idea was to make it easy for parents to bring along everything needed for a bottle meal, powder and liquid, in a single product. A detailed list of requirements was developed. Among the functional requirements were that the bottles must be easy to handle and clean, allow for an even flow of fluid, minimize clumping, and retain heat well. Other important aspects were safe materials and environmental consideration. The design is modular, so that additional parts can be purchased as the child grows and her or his needs change, rather than discarding the first bottle and buying a new one.

“In order to produce our product series, we needed a development partner with flexible and dedicated co-workers who would quickly become part of our team so we could reach our goal. This is what we found in Svekon.”

Camillo Eriksson, Head of Development, Twistshake


The effort to include all the features without compromising the design was an iterative process. The liquid is strained through a mesh that dissolves any lumps. It took many prototyping rounds to find the right netting construction. Several iterations were also required to find a cost effective manufacturing process that would meet all of the function and design requirements.

“It’s always fun to work with entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in a good idea and push the project forward until the product reaches the marketplace. Twistshake have been working according to the motto ‘no compromise,’ and the development process focussed on producing the very best product possible.”

Jesper Blom, Design engineer, Svekon


The launch took place in early spring 2015. Only a few months after the product development was completed, the bottles appeared in about 60 stores in Sweden. Twistshake are now planning a launch abroad.

“A partnership with Svekon has many advantages. They have a broad knowledge of product development and constitute a good sounding board when unexpected situations arise. They also have a thorough structure and sequence of product development and can pick up a project regardless of what stage it might be in, already offering a plan of action for the next step.”

Camillo Eriksson, Head of Development, Twistshake