BLIXT ZERO is the first non-mechanical automatic fuse approved to prevent electrical damage in private homes. The fuse is electric, which reacts faster and is more durable over time, unlike mechanical circuit breakers. In addition, it allows real-time control of power flow, which ultimately means a smarter, more efficient energy system as well as economic and environmental savings.

The Challenge

Blixt Tech, the company behind the product, enlisted our help to encapsulate the electronics. We therefore assisted with mechanical design and developed the plastic cover that surrounds the product. Taking into account established standards and a number of security requirements, we had to rely on existing power plants and their limited space. The balance between ease of use, a surface-efficient circuit board that meets the demanding standards made the project challenging, exciting and fun.

The Process

The biggest challenge, but also one of the most enjoyable aspects of the process, was the drive and determination on the client’s part. Blixt tech’s groundbreaking technology changed the conditions during the project. This led to a highly iterative process, which allowed new innovative solutions to be close at hand during the dynamic development of the product.

blixt zero produkt

The Electrical Evolution

Since 2018, Blixt Tech has been developing technologies that enable software control of electricity to support the integration of renewable energy. We are proud to contribute to the electric evolution together with Blixt Tech and hope to continue participating in the journey.