Noginvest contacted Svekon with the idea of providing access to natural butter, perfect for baking as well as buttering your sandwich. This would be achieved by the use of a chilled container that can be placed at home on the kitchen counter.

The challenge

Every square meter of today’s kitchen counter is prime real estate. In order to conquer one of the few available spaces, the container needed not only to provide a butter texture to the user’s liking, but also to do it in the same amount of space used by other appliances. To achieve this, a relatively large volume of hot air needs to be transported away from the product while neither creating too much noise nor claiming too much space. With flow calculations and innovative channels, we managed to get the container to regulate butter texture without demanding more space than the smallest toaster on the market.

“While working with Svekon we felt that we had a very good, and highly competent, partner in charge of the development. At the same time, they brought us, their client, along for the whole process and let us be involved in the important decisions that were taken. Svekon’s reputation for ability and experience in executing complex projects of this type was shown to be justified.”

Johan Landgren, Noginvest


At Svekon, we employ a design process that has been developed over nearly 50 years in business. It consists of a number of different phases, and it can, depending on the client’s needs, be covered by all or limited to just one phase.


From the vision and requirements on functionality that Noginvest had, we laid out a common map. This is an agreed upon plan where we balance functionality against price and lead time – and decide what we will, in fact, be developing – with the user at the heart of everything.


When the map was in place, the work began to create the product. This is about us being able to realise the project in terms of its manufacturability and assembly. The end goal is verifying whether the product meets the requirements, by focusing on the user.


Once we had a product we were pleased with, we began the final stages for us: verification and implementation. Throughout these phases, we processed everything from CE marking to launching production, with assembly instructions, production instructions etc. After 10 products were assembled and approved, the product was handed over to the client for launch.


The product was launched on Åland Islands as a test market, where it captured 1% of the total households already within the first year. Furthermore, Buttercup, as it is called, won gold medal for best innovation at Åland 2018. You can read more about Buttercup here: .