Ortic is specialists in sheet metal roll forming. Svekon has contributed with mechanical design for many years – most recently by improving an existing machine with a ”flying scissor”.

Ortic, who have been building machines since the company was founded in 1984, are experts in roll forming. Svekon came in and started helping Ortic with machine manufacturing 13 years ago, and has been trusted to continue. The latest task was to streamline how an existing machine cuts roll-formed profiles into specific lengths. The result? A flying pair of scissors.


The machine consists of a reel at the beginning, cutting units, roll formers that shape the profiles and finally the scissors that cut the them in the right lengths. Previously, the process was slowed down when the profiles were cut, which was the task to prevent.

To solve this, we have implemented a laser meter that senses when the profile reaches a certain point. At that stage the scissors begin to accelerate and cut the profile, before returning to its original position. Many functions must fit together for the process to work seamless. 


The flying scissor are part of Ortic’s standard range of products and should also be able to fit into future machines. Therefor, it was important to keep the construction simple and make it as cost-effective as possible – without sacrificing quality and function.

Through the project Svekon has been involved and engaged all the way, and have delivered a well-thought-out solution that works well for us and our customers.

Björn Eriksson Norberg, Project Manager at Ortic