Ultra-Electronics is a world leading supplier of military electronics. Ultra provides specialist systems to both manned and unmanned vehicles, including vehicle electronic architecture and offers information and power management systems for vehicles. Such systems save space and weight and allow simple integration of future technology upgrades. Applications include utilities management of the electrical power sub-system, situational awareness and battery monitoring and management.


Ultra has delivered a battery monitoring system (BMS) for the PATGB360 that has been specifically designed for use on military vehicles. Based on patented technology which incorporates a real-time complex algorithm, the BMS simultaneously measures conductance, voltage, current, temperature and time to provide a highly reliable and accurate measurement of the state of health of a vehicle’s batteries. The system has proven itself in battle. The BMS provides the vehicle crew with accurate real-time battery health data.


Ultra-Electronics is located in the UK. They turned to SVEKON for local support in Sweden. Since the vehicles were located in Kungsängen / Livgardet and in Revinge P7 the work was carried out on site. The assignment was to upgrade existing hardware and software in the battery monitoring system (BMS). SVEKON’s turn key assignment was to take full responsibility for the on-site upgrade. That work included planning based on the availability of the vehicle and to physically replace and test BMS units in the vehicles. The work demanded high sense of planning and quality. The assignment at SVEKON was led by Johan Gunnarsson who, along with a number of blue collar workers, completed the work according to plan. Johan Gunnarsson has many years of experience in leading RENO and retrofit projects.

“Svekon’s participation in the project has felt safe and efficient for us. Johan has independently carried out the assignment in direct dialogue with the Swedish armed forces. Svekon’s good cooperation with the armed forces has given us access to vehicles and military sites which has meant that the project was completed as soon as possible.”

Bryan Maddams, Technical Support Manager