In their collaboration with Ranger HDC MR, Svekon was responsible for creating sensor housing and integrating sensors and electronics. Large precision moulded parts based on complex surface models were developed, as well as smaller, high precision details. This has been done in collaboration with engineers at FLIR’s development department in Täby, Sweden, and has resulted in a camera that – in FLIR’s own words – sets a whole new standard for monitoring.

“Svekon has provided valuable knowledge in surface modeling, form-based construction, and prototyping. Together with Svekon, we have managed to develop a high-performance and cost-effective camera system without compromising on design.”

Henrik Ahnbrink, Team Leader Mekanik, FLIR Systems


The Ranger HDC MR is designed to detect, locate, and identify targets at long distances. With state-of-the-art sensors and sophisticated image processing, this is possible even in severe weather conditions. Image analysis provides support for the operator to identify genuine threats quickly and easily. Areas of application include, for example, monitoring of borders both on land and at sea.