INITI is a Swedish company that develops exclusive bathroom solutions. INITI wants to change how the world looks at bathrooms by personalizing the bathroom with raw and natural materials originating from the Scandinavian tradition. A room that opens up and offers new materials that surprise and create a whole new feeling. INITI also sees the bathroom as the new social space where you can mingle over a glass of champagne.

The project

Svekon was assigned together with design agency Myra to develop a new product line consisting of seven different bathroom furniture. The work involved mechanical engineering, prototype production, strength calculations, testing and assembly of the finished products. INITI’s bathroom furniture has strict design requirements and consists of heavy materials such as stone and concrete. Getting these heavy materials to float and making the furniture feel weightless has been a great design challenge.

The result

The end result is seven groundbreaking bathroom furniture: an elegant storage room with hidden gaps, three elegant washbasins, two granite and corian bathroom islands, and a 5-edge sink of aged copper. All mechanical design and technical dokumentation have been developed by Svekon, consisting of manufacturing drawings for welded structures, machined plates, carpentry and stones and other natural materials.

Hampus Krantz and Sebastian De Arteaga, responsible designers at Svekon, think it has been an incredibly exciting journey to see the products emerge and to be a part of the development from concept to finished products. In particular, INITI’s totally uncompromising attitude towards choice of materials and vision has been challenging and fun, and it is precisely this challenging and uncompromising attitude that led to these unique and amazing products which are unlike anything else on the market.

”Developing a brand new bathroom series that is unlike anything else on the market has been a journey. I’m glad that Svekon has been part of this journey and we will develop many more products together in the future.”

Peter Kandel, CEO, INITI.