“It’s easy to have an idea, but implementing it is a whole different thing. I would never have managed to create this independently, so to get this help from Svekon was amazing.”

Alexander Lervik, Artist & Designer


Tactus is an emotional journey that involves communication between two worlds through touch and feedback. With his installation, Lervik wants to focus on the issue of loneliness. The installation includes two paired devices that illuminate when they are touched, which meant that we faced a new challenge in terms of both software and technology.


Vanitati is Latin for “frustration”. The installation consists of a mechanism that automatically folds and shoots out paper airplanes. The idea behind the installation is to shed light on the “shame of flying” and the impact of the aviation industry on the environment. The development of “Vanitati” posed a major mechanical challenge and consisted of CAD collaboration with numerous tests in our prototype workshop.

“I contacted Svekon with a basic idea and some outlining. Then Svekon started thinking of potential solutions and ways to make it. After that, they came back to me with files to check and edit according to my work. The files were sent back and forth quite a few times. It’s a genuine collaboration.”

Alexander Lervik, Konstnär & Formgivare