We have helped iZafe to develop Dosell – an automatic drug dispenser for dose-packaged medical drugs. Dosell creates a sense of security for care recipients to take the right medicine at the right time. Svekon has been involved throughout the development process, which involves work with project management, machine design, testing, regulatory documentation (MDD Class I), electronics development, embedded programming, application programming, camera development of image processing algorithm industrial design. 

“Together with Svekon we have had the opportunity to analyze the user needs and develop the product based on its insights. The result is a product that is extremely easy to use and to understand – even though the technology behind it is much more advanced.”

Anders Segerström, iZafe

About Dosell

In Sweden and other parts of the world, there is a major societal problem regarding incorrect medication. There are several reasons for this, but some of it can be traced to the human factor. Especially amongst the elderly, manual handling of medical drugs can cause problems – you may forget to take your medications, avoid doing so – or take the wrong dose at the wrong time. This can lead to both overmedication and drug poisoning, which entails enormous risks.

With Dosell, the caretaker automatically receives dose bags with tablets at the prescribed time. In this way, Dosell ensures that the caretaker receives the right medication at the right time – and can also alert healthcare staff if the medication fails. It reduces the risk of overdose, incorrect medication, or default medication, and gives more time for caregivers to spend on other things.