M Dialysis is a company that develops and manufactures medical and research products. The products are made exclusively for microdialysis, a method of analysis used in neurointensive care to measure specific chemicals in tissue or blood.

For two years, Svekon helped M Dialysis to develop LOKE – a remarkably high-tech MedTech product that saves lives in intensive care. During this project, Svekon acted as the development department for the product, and we worked with mechanical engineering, electronics design, embedded programming, application programming, industrial design, GUI design, technical documentation, regulatory documentation (MDD Class II), and project management.

“Svekon has continuously been responsive and found the competence required for specific situations, and that made the work extremely efficient. It’s hard to find that strength in other companies.”

Olof Nord, CEO, M Dialysis


Traditionally, microdialysis has been a complicated and labour-intensive work, including glucose samples manually taken from the patient to the lab. With LOKE, the technology becomes more user-friendly through automated and continuous monitoring of patients’ glucose, lactate, and pyruvate values.

The product can also be used in transplants, to immediately determine whether the body will repel the new organ or not. This process usually takes up to 24 hours, which can lead to severe consequences for the patient.

“This is an extremely innovative product that also comes in a design we at M Dialysis are incredibly proud of. LOKE is a truly unique product in our market, and without Svekon’s help and expertise we wouldn’t have been able to develop it.”

Olof Nord, CEO, M Dialysis