Louqe is a Swedish-based design company that focuses on innovative computer equipment for the modern gamer. In a growing market of e-sport games with new technologies, fast development times and users in different ages, Louqe has come out with a brand new ultra-compact computer case in the premium segment – Ghost S1.

Ghost S1 has received a lot of attention in the gaming world and has been reviewed by several famous game reviewers. The product was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, reaching up to 200,000 SEK in one minute and ended up with a total of 2.6 million SEK.


Ghost S1 is a minimalistic computer case with Scandinavian roots. The frame is made of two gables in extruded aluminum and a stand-alone spine in the center made of stainless steel. This allows for an incredibly compact and easy built solution without compromising on the performance. There are also expansion possibilities for so-called Top Hats, which allows for additional cooling fans as well as water cooling.


Svekon has collaborated with Louqe since the fall of 2017 and has helped out with the mechanical design, technical documentation, prototypes and sourcing for large scale production. A challenge in the project has been to find manufacturers that have been able to meet Louqe’s design and quality requirements in a cost-effective way because of the expensive materials and complex parts. For example, Ghost S1’s side sheets have no less than 1298 holes for optimal air flow.

Svekon thinks it has been incredibly interesting working with Louqe and hope for many more collaborations in the future.

”Svekon has been a very good partner in the development of Ghost S1. We have had a tight collaboration where we have easily been able to make the improvements identified during the project. Svekon has helped us to find the manufacturer of the Ghost S1, which is not a very simple task because of the high demands of quality, finish and price.“

Patrik Michalski, CEO Louqe