Svekon has collaborated with Louqe since 2017, when the development of the successful Ghost S1 – a minimalist computer case in Scandinavian vintage – began. Raw S1 is their latest creation. A case that stylishly maximizes your computer’s performance.


This time, Louqe came to Svekon with an update on Ghost S1, but during the iterative concept phase, they chose to go on a line that was narrower, more challenging and above all, more Louqe than before.


The work with the design resulted in several design concepts discussed, which led to what is now the Louqe Raw S1. Svekon’s work has consisted of a large part of industrial design, but also mechanical construction in both molded aluminum and fine mechanical plastic construction.

The external result – a stylish unibody in molded aluminum – makes the Raw S1 belong on the desk rather than under it. The product stands out internally with connectors discreetly placed in the corners, help for smart wiring and space for the best components on the market. Externally, it is a minimalist design with maximum airflow, built on the height and with a focus on the user experience. The chassis is opened from above and the computer components are
presented like a nuclear fuel change.

We are very grateful for Svekon’s ability to create smart and elegant solutions that do not interfere with the exterior beauty. For example, they have contributed with a stylish quicklock mechanism and seamless adjustment between Unibody and Sideerails.

Björn Carlshamre, Louqe


Since Svekon began the collaboration, Louqe has had a clear desire to be able to produce its products locally. Thanks to Svekon’s broad knowledge in the supply chain, this has been met, and Raw S1 is another product from Louqe that is manufactured in Sweden. The advantages of this are many, but above all it means a better and closer contact with the manufacturer, which gives a higher quality of the end product.