Mendi is a headband that, with the help of advanced sensor technology, registers brain activity and allows users to see and control it. Mendi’s story began five years ago, when they performed neurofeedback tests at a clinic. The positive effects it had on the users were so impressive that Mendi decided to make the product available for everyone. They came to us with a prototype, and gave us the task to develop the product to reach out to every home.


The process to optimize the product took about a year. During the project, we used the DFMA method – Design for Manufacturing and Assembly – to reduce lead time to market and create a cost-effective product through simple manufacturing and assembly.

To develop the product and meet the requirements for usability and functionality, we put together a team with a number of specialist competencies – industrial design, form-fitting mechanical construction, sewing, purchasing and project management.

It has been a close collaboration internally, but also with the customer who has been physically present one day a week at our head office in Solna to be a part of the development team. This has streamlined the process through short decision paths. In addition, we really appreciate carrying out projects with our customers rather than for them – which we had the opportunity to do with Mendi.

Svekon was flexible and accommodating with both process and expertise. During the project, we had a very close dialogue and were able to make quick decisions and increase / decrease resources in the event of changing needs.

Rickard Eklöf, Founder, Mendi


The comfortable Mendi headband is equipped with sensors that measure blood flow and neural activity at the front of the cerebral cortex. The mechanics include small and sensitive details, which has been a challenge during optimization. The embedded electronics need to be protected simultaneously as it must work, which requires a high level of tolerance. We also needed to maintain a forgiving construction so that the headband could fit everyone, regardless of the size of the forehead.


In 2020, Mendi started a Kickstarter campaign which within the first few weeks became one of the most funded Kickstarter projects in Swedish history. This suggests that neurofeedback is a popular method of promoting human performance and health. Research shows that it can help people with everything from post-traumatic stress disorder to ADHD and sleep disorders and improve focus and memory