Marine Jet Power, world leader in water jet units, enlist the help of Svekon in order to produce a new family of hybrid units. Commitment and an understanding of the needs of the company and its products were key words for the development process.

Marine Jet Power, also known as MJP, have been developing their water jet units in the Swedish town of Österbybruk since 1986. Today, they are the leading company worldwide in their field. One of Marine Jet Power’s first products can still be found in Strömma Kanalbolaget’s “Cinderella”-boats.

MJP’s patented technology allows small clearances between the impeller and impeller hood, which, combined with a mixed-flow pump, offers higher traction and low fuel consumption compared with competing devices.

For the production of new water jet units, Svekon were tasked with the construction.

“Marine Jet Power have an aggressive growth strategy. That means that we have to meet the increasing demands from the market concerning the performance, quality and cost of our products. Together with the need to put out new, high quality products and systems on the market, this has made us select professional partners who help us achieve these goals.”

Anders Björe, CEO, Marine Jet Power


One of the units developed is a hybrid, combining aluminium and stainless steel. This is to reduce the weight in comparison with previous designs made entirely from stainless steel. The aim was to offer customers a more cost effective product. Another, larger unit was also produced, the CAD-model of which consists of advanced shapes and combines surface modelling with solid modelling.

“Combining different materials in the hybrid construction was challenging. The hybrid also needed to be easy to manufacture in different sizes, as a family of products, and the requirement was being able to start from the same basic structure. We succeeded in doing so. The customer contributed a good collaborative environment in the project and my experience working with jet engines, among other things, has come in handy. The same technique, the same components, except in water. A really interesting project.”

Olle Eriksson, Design engineer, Svekon

“The collaboration with Svekon has worked really well. Everyone involved is very committed to understanding our needs and our products. We’re particularly impressed with the continuity and quality of the work offered thanks to the stable team, whom we have come to know well. I look forward to continuing a good partnership with Svekon!”

Anders Björe, CEO, Marine Jet Power