When GRSP is to be used at a weapon station, there is a need to be able to manually fire the weapon as a backup procedure for loading /cartridge handling. Therefore, the trigger had to be reinstalled on the weapon. The weapon also needs to be mounted on the RWS with the safety selector switch set to unsafe. Again, there is the risk of unintentionally firing the weapon through the trigger.


Svekon was commissioned to produce a trigger lock that ensures that you can have an unsecured weapon mounted in a softmount or remote weapon station with the trigger mounted without the risk of accidental firing. The assignment consisted of developing a number of solutions that were evaluated together with FMV. A prerequisite was that no impact on the weapon itself should occur and that the trigger lock should be unlosable.


Ten different concepts were developed prototyped using Svekons 3D printers, and one of these was chosen as a main feature. After final construction, Svekon made four different prototypes in two different materials for testing and evaluation. The Armed Forces chose one of these designs after the test which became the final product. Svekon has delivered trigger locks to the Swedish Armed Force’s entire GRSP stock, including technical documentation such as instruction manual, spare parts catalog and also delivered a system security analysis.

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